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With This Pledge by Tamera Alexander

With This Pledge by Tamera Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tamera Alexander is one of the authors that I will pre-order books from every.single.time. She has a way of telling a story with so much detail and painting characters so beautifully, that you feel like you are there.
The book begins with the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864 where over 10,000 were killed. Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Clouston is a governess for the McGavocks at their home, Carnton. (These are real people from history.) Wounded and dying Confederate soldiers were brought to Carnton and the home was transformed into a military hospital. Lizzie is thrust into the role of nurse and caregiver to the soldiers. This is where she meets Captain Roland Ward Jones (another real person) and the seeds of romance are planted. Although to me the romance grew naturally and didn't overshadow the other important topics.

I am always so impressed with the obvious research Tamera does, and With this Pledge was no different. I loved knowing that so much of this story was based on true history of what occurred at Carnton after the Battle of Franklin. There are even real letters between Lizzie and Roland included in the book!
I enjoyed watching Lizzie learn to advocate for those who were need of justice. I loved how she realized that just because she couldn't vote or didn't own land, that she could still make a difference and stand up for what is right- even if her beliefs were different from those she loved dearly. She may not have worn a uniform or fought on a battlefield, but she was heroic in her own way, through her advocacy and her care giving.

Here's a  couple of quotes I highlighted because they touched me:

"Real heroes are the one's who do what's right even when no one's looking, and who give up something for someone else even when it costs them dearly."
"Sometimes life on this side of the veil is far more difficult than I think it should be. Especially for those of us who belong to God. But then again, God's promises do not eliminate suffering."

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