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The Winter Sister by Megan Collins

The Winter SisterThe Winter Sister by Megan Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omgosh. Maybe I'm just too new to reading suspense/thrillers, but I don't understand how there are reviews stating that the plot was overdone or over-used?!! I had inklings here and there like "Ohh, maybe..." but there were so many secrets that came out in the last few chapters of the book that blew me away. I had maybe-kind-of figured out one secret, but it wasn't a for sure thing. The writing was on point in Megan Collins debut novel. The character development was great. I even felt like I knew Lauren, the roommate featured mostly through text messages. And holy dysfunction all over the place!! I am an impatient reader so sometimes suspense gets the better of me and I jump ahead to see if I'm "right." I didn't do that with this book. I didn't want to. Some suspense novels seem so long and drawn out to me. Not The Winter Sister. I was totally engrossed.  I thought it was all well done and I recommend it to any one who likes suspense/thrillers.

I literally did not want to put the book down, but you know, life.

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