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The Angel of Avondale Abbey by Nadine Millard

The Angel of Avondale Abbey (Saints & Sinners Book 2)The Angel of Avondale Abbey by Nadine Millard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again Nadine Millard has woven a story that sucked me in full force. We met James in the first book of the Saints and Sinner series, The Monster of Montvale Hall, and were left wanting to know him better. This book is our chance! He has lead a perfect life in the eyes of others- always staying on the straight and narrow. But is he happy?
Senna is on the run for her life, with precious cargo, and believes James is the one who can help her. I loved her strength and determination. And I loved their CHEMISTRY!
I just finished a few heavy books without much light. This was a wonderful palette cleanser. It has a bit of everything - family secrets, romance with a lot of steam, witty banter, a quartet of extremely handsome best friends, and a murder mystery to boot. I am loving the characters and I cannot wait for the rest of the series!!

4.5 stars

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