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Killing the Rougarou by Shawn M. Beasley

Killing the RougarouKilling the Rougarou by Shawn M. Beasley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first book of 2019!!! The family you're introduced to, you really get to know intimately. Honestly I usually don't remember character names after I finish a book. (Probably too many books/characters floating around in my head!) But I can tell you all about Matthew, Tally, Jessie (and her parents), Deux, Remy, Luke, James, Cat (and his parents), Leah... (Who did I miss?? lol) And the Rougarou... so creepy. *shudders*
I loved the Cajun roots & I am definitely thankful Shawn M. Beasley included how to pronounce certain words!
Overall, it probably could have been a shorter book, but I feel like the introduction to the family has peaked my curiosity for book 2. :)


Language: Yes
Sex: Yes
Rape/Violence: Yes- not in too graphic terms, but yes. There is sexual abuse in this book to children as well as attempted rape of an adult. Not in graphic descriptions, but it is there.

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