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Girls on the Line by Jennie Liu

Girls on the LineGirls on the Line by Jennie Liu
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was based in 2009 in Gujiao, China. It follows the story of Luli and Yun- both girls who have aged out of the Chinese orphanage at age 16. The book flowed well. It was from both girls' points of view. Yun ends up pregnant out a wedlock. My eyes were opened big time when I read the way China treats unwed mothers. Basically giving them the choice of abortion or paying crazy fines and possibly never being able to register your child as an actual person which can ruin their life in general- no school, no jobs, no marriage... Holy. Even the stigma of being an orphan was just really sad. They were treated like the fact they were orphans was something they could control. Then there was the human trafficking, the way females were considered worthless, the emotional trauma of growing up in an orphanage... It was all a little overwhelming and a little *too much* for a book that was under 200 pages. I feel I needed either more detail or less subplots going on to really connect completely.
However, I did learn things I didn't know before and interest has been sparked in learning more. So to me that's a win. 3 stars :)

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