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Fortune Favours Miss Gold

Fortune Favours Miss Gold (Fortunes of Fate)Fortune Favours Miss Gold by Nadine Millard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've loved Nadine Millard's work from the very first time I read her book, "An Unlikely Duchess" probably 5 years ago. Nadine Millard has such a gift for creating characters I love to read about and she has shared that gift once again in this book. Eleanor was feisty, loyal, and strong. Tristan was protective, loving, and oh so manly! Both Eleanor and Tristan were haunted by the sins of their fathers, which lead to a deep mistrust between the two. This twist made the story so very intriguing.  I loved the idea of the fortune teller - a recurring theme in this series that includes 9 other authors. I  enjoyed this book immensely. It made my heart happy and reading it was an escape. 😊

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